Season 10 Rating Overview

All of The Walking Dead reviews I write for get given a rating out of 10. Even though the season finale is still yet to air, because we don’t know when that will happen, I thought I would give you a graphical representation of the season so far.

The average rating for the season so far is 7.73 / 10. That’s a good score, but considering I have been saying the season has been full of “big-feel” and “season-finale-like” episodes, that rating doesn’t sound like it suggests that.

It is brought down dramatically by episode 8, The World Before, which was the mid-season finale. It was let down by a feeling that we’d done all this before and some bad character choices that felt more like they were done to get the story where it needed to be rather than those characters being forced to do something.

In fact, the run took a slip after episode 5, What It Always Is, the Negan centric one that saw the character wrestle with his past.

It should be noted that I am both a harsh critic and a realist. I don’t give out high ratings for the sake of it or clickbait. Rating something 8 is, in my opinion, very good. The 9 rating is excellent – which was given to Michonne’s final episode. I very rarely give out top marks unless the episode has been exceptional, and nothing this season so far has. I also rate based on my experience and across the series as a whole. So hopefully, over the course of the series, episodes will be able to be compared with one another on a solid basis. Look out for my series so far ratings coming soon.

When the finale airs I will update the graph and we can see if the average rating can get closer to that 8.